There are Always Enough Places to be Filled

Talent Selection

We know that recruitment processes can be complex. Sourcing candidates from an enormous global talent pool and tracking their progress through recruiting process is just one part of the equation.

Years of industry experience have taught us that excessive focus on sourcing and tracking talent, with inadequate focus on actual interviews is likely to lead to failed hires; which are both expensive and undesirable.

Selecting and managing human capital is challenging enough. However, you don’t need to make your decisions based on subjective processes and instinct. When you’re ready to bring in new talent, we will accurately assess your needs and customize the best service option for you.

Are your positions taking too long to fill, leading to revenue loss and client escalations?

Is the interview process too long and time consuming?

Are all your new hires from the same organization and you'd like to change that?

Are competitors poaching and you don’t have a solution to retain talent?

Are roles for every level clearly defined?

Is the team well-equipped to conduct interviews?

Assessment Mechanism for Talent Selection

Pre-interview Preparation

Clarifying and defining the criteria for candidate selection; including core competencies, relevant skills and past experiences.


Interview Structure

A standardized set of questions designed to assess key competencies and requirements, listening for specific and relevant responses.


Post-interview Review

A comprehensive evaluation of all candidates on basis of the data gathered during the interview, against the criteria defined in earlier stages.

Maple offers organizations a totally hassle-free, standardized and scalable interview process that delivers consistently. A careful structuring of our approach develops an effective, rigorous and comprehensive strategy for all our executive searches. This structuring makes Maple an outstanding partner for your organization.

Our Executive Search Process


Defining Needs & Requirements

We work with you to clarify, define and note down a well-analysed statement of requirement which helps to define the selection criteria.


Identifying Potential Candidates

We use our extensive and comprehensive research to identify the ideal candidate from an immense international talent pool. Our industry contacts and customized research highlights only those referrals which would be a perfect fit for your organization.


Qualifying Candidates Through Research

We thoroughly investigate every candidate and approach those with the strongest potential. We gather all background information through trusted third-parties and conduct our own interviews to ensure proper qualification of the candidates we recommend.


Assessment & Presentation

We help you integrate your candidate assessment methodology and offer our own proven methods. We ensure that we only refer candidates that hold the potential to meet the leadership level in your organization and fit its culture.


Hands-On Service

All our consultants work as hands-on partners. We actively work with you to understand your organization’s needs and ensure a successful timely search.


Follow-up & Quarterly Feedback

We regularly follow-up with you after the selection and placement procedures are complete to offer any support required and ensure that all your needs are met. We also set review meetings with candidates placed within 45-90 days to ensure collaboration and permanency with the organization.

We combine these elements to deliver an effective, rigorous and comprehensive search result ensuring we meet your needs precisely.