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Our name Maple symbolises our core values — strength & endurance, and it manifests in all our relationships. Everything we touch, we make sure it turns to gold.

Prepare for Tomorrow, Conquer Today

Bespoke, future-proofed strategies that are fact based and insight driven to make our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Craft a winning organisational culture

Your organization’s culture decides the success of your strategic execution. We design performance-driven cultures that deliver significance.

Are your positions taking too long to fill, leading to revenue loss and client escalations?

Can we help you build a Talent Acquisition Command Centre measured by time ?

Find out how we transform HR from a just a ‘shared’ service to a ‘solutioning warehouse’

Learn to monitor HCM Implementation, Data Management and Data governance

Would you like us to help you build-scale, wire frames and formulate HR Predictive Analytics? Is your on-boarding process assessed and measurable?

How can you absorb policy and programme layering making your system agile and flexible?

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Anil suits the saying, “A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can’t”. Working with him is a blessing & a pathway to  learning. He has contributed significantly to my professional development. We engaged Maple for a confidential search and it was a pleasure to have them be so prepared and amazed to see how much value they added to the overall process.

Pravin Chanda

Group Senior Manager – HR, GlobalData
I am a happy customer and would thank Anil for transforming the organization into an amazing team with a clear roadmap for the future. It’s amazing to see Anil dissect the organization, understand business metrics, inter-personal relationships and construct an HR solution which is simple to implement and transform the business into a high growth path.

Ramen Bhadury

Executive Vice-President, A US-based Collection Agency
I have known Anil for over 10 years now. I have always found him very focussed at tasks. He has a get-it-done attitude and dynamism that is infectious. He has built Maple Consulting & Services with a lot of passion, an entity that understands the ins and outs of our industry. Their solutions were time-bound and well-suited to our unique concerns.

Anil Wadhwa

Chief Executive Officer, Respondez
Partnering with Maple helped us to not only manage attrition but also save a huge amount of revenue at our company. Their proactive talent resourcing expertise helped us plan and execute our strategy for long-term growth and win our clients’ trust. It is refreshing, in our industry, to see a dedication to solve issues at any cost and leave nothing behind.

Urman Jolly

Global Workforce Director, Leading 3rd Party BPO (Philippines)